About Us

We have been started in 2005 as the promoters of Indian Folk Troupes, Classical Dance Ensembles & Theatre art forms from India, who present and represent ancient and ethnic outstanding noble creativity of Indian versatile culture. Our organization represents itself as a royal museum of ethnic colorful heritage with incredible dances, songs with traditional musical instruments and also the dazzling colorful costumes which represent unity in diversity of Indian culture.

We promote cultural troupes of hometown to International stages. We manage different troupes with different traditional cultures of INDIA. The promotion is strongly propagating the message of love & friendship. Our main motive is to insure a well-represented performance of International Standards.

We are organizing local cultural shows (commercial & non-commercial), festivals and other cultural events performed by the minority folk ensembles of different states which are from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarati, Manipuri and Kerala and all 8 types of Classical Dance Forms which have their own Each form has its own specialty & grace, along with a set pattern of costumes & make-up. Finally Classical Theatre From Kerala. In this journey we welcome and open to all state folk ensembles for culture promotion.

We have been working for the welfare of the minority classes of the Folklore Artists for making their livelihood easy and trustable.

Registration Details

In 2005 Shrustii Multicultural Centre started as a Proprietor Company and at Nov 2009 we have registered ourselves as Non-Profit Organization (NGO) with 80G Certification.

Goals of SMC

  • To promote elapsed traditional Cultural folk dances in Indian as well as in Abroad
  • To promote community awareness of Indian Cultural folk dances and to pass the folk traditions to further generations in order to preserve National cultures.
  • To support Indian backward & minority class artists through sponsorship of visits, & performances.
  • Celebrates Indian cultural and heritage exchange and unite Indians in and around the world.
  • Working for the welfare of the Indian folk artists by making their livelihood simple trustable and healthy.

Folk Troup Promotions

Promotion is strongly believed Nationally and Internationally. We have promoted

  • Prakash Kala & Prakshikshan Sansthan (Folk Ensemble from Rajasthan)
  • The Desert Gypsies Group (Folk Ensemble from Rajasthan)
  • Rajasthani Folk Troupe (Folk Ensemble from Rajasthan)
  • Kalbelia Folk Troupe (Folk Ensemble from Rajasthan)
  • Kalakar Academy (Rajasthani Folk Ensemble from New Delhi)
  • National FolkArt Academy(Folk Ensemble from Punjab)
  • Punjab FolkArt (Folk Ensemble from Punjab)
  • Nachde Bhangra Folk troupe (Folk Ensemble from Punjab)
  • Kairali Fok Troupe (Folk Ensemble from Kerala)
  • Shribhawani Dance Group (Folk Group from Punjab)
  • Bhawana Theatre for Arts (Folk Group from Kerala)