We have strong relationships with Worldwide Groups ranging from Folk dance Groups, Musical Bands, Modern Dance Groups, Circus Group, Aerial & Acrobatic Dance Groups. Entertainers like Singers, Illusionists, Magicians, Vocalists, Stlit Walkers, Latest Giraffe Stilt Walkers from France, Fire eaters, Unicyclists, Jugglers, Contortionists, Stunt performers , Floral carpet makers, Mehendi makers, Face painters, 3D painters, Coffee painters, Snake, Monkey, & Parrot Charmers etc. We have provided groups to Dubai Shopping Festival agencies, Global Village Festival agencies, Karata village festival agencies etc. We have all the videos available at our online storage site Dropbox. Click here for the overview of the groups worldwide:

Links are as below:-

Rajasthani Folk Dance Video

Rajasthani Folk Dance Video Part 1

Rajasthani Folk Dance Video Part 2

Gujarati Folk Dance Video's

Punjabi Folk Dance Video's

Kathakali Dance Video's