Shrustii performs at Commercial / Non-Commercial Shows / Dance Festivals with any of the Folk, Five States Folk Dances (Punjabi Folk, Rajasthani Folk, Gujarati Folk & Manipuri Folk and Kerala Folk) as well as Classical Dance forms and Theatre Forms to fit the needs of any show/event. We are dedicated to provide the best talented, creative artistic groups to any kind of event planning and management organizations, wedding planners, Sports events organizations, advertising organizations etc.

Commercial Shows

We present ourselves with minimum 15-30 artists with live traditional music and 10-20 artists with audio CD. Min 5 dance items would be presented, each ranging about 5-10 min, making the total show of 30 min to 1 hour. (changes are possible as per the budget of the show) We also provide the Folk, Classical & Theatrical artistic groups to individual events as per their requirements like: Festivals , Full length Entertainment Shows, Corporate Events, Product Lauches, Award Functions, Workshops, Wedding event , Exhibitions, Birthday Parties, Embassy Functions, Birthday Parties,Fashion shows, Anniversaries, Sports Events, New Year Parties, Annual day functions of Schools and Colleges.

Traditional Costumes shows

To know more about different folk theatre forms, the performances by Shrustii Multicultural Centre, booking costs, etc, please click here to Contact us:Shrustii Multicultural Centre Performances Enquiry

Non Commercial Shows:

Shrustii always opens its doors to welcomes the government agencies and NGOs engaged in social development Projects like Child labour & Child abuse, Right of Education, Domestic Violence, Female foeticide etc,, and actively participates in the awareness programs like Nirbhaya Anti-rape Act, Legal Awareness, AIDS awareness, Fraud gurus and blind faith, Early age marriages etc. We provide the artistic groups free of cost for the agencies who are involved in above social welfare projects with a good cause working for the execution of social messages.